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Jay Brasier-Creagh

Jay is a talented young director, with work spanning across fashion, documentary, music video, NGO and commercial. Graduating in Photographic Arts from the University of Westminster, He joined the team at Squire in late 2016 and has gone on to produce, direct and edit work for Global clients such as Mazda, Adidas, Dr. Martens, and UNWomen. Working across Music Videos, Branded Content and TV Commercials with a range of agencies and companies, a lot of Jay’s work has utilised the bleeding edge of immersive technologies, across VR/AR and XR, with his campaign for Duchenne charity: Harrisons fund, becoming a world wide finalist for the Auggie awards. His multi-faced skill-set allows him to turn his head to the most adverse of challenges, whilst keeping a sense of sympathy and intimacy with his subject matters. His technical, photographic background, and base in post-production makes him technically savvy and adaptable. He has worked alongside a number of high profiles talents, most recently directing works featuring Rankin and Bradley Wiggins. With a keen passion for documentary and Human stories, Jay’s talents really lie in him emotional messaging and getting into the grit of his subject. He’s very tall, very skinny, races bikes, and cycles over mountains whilst raising money for leukaemia charities. He lives in London.